How To Get To The Cabin
  • Take I-77 North to exit 73B (421N towards
    North Wilkesboro/Boone)

  • Follow 421N for about 25 miles through North
    Wilkesboro, past Ryans & Lowes to stop light
    at 421N/16N Car wash is on left corner.

  • Take a right onto 16N and continue 22.3
    miles to stop sign at Hwy 88W/16N

  • Take a left over the river bridge and continue
    3.1 miles, entering Jefferson

  • You will see Southern States store on the
    right, a self-serve carwash on the left.

  • Take a right at the second road to the right at
    Dollar General. This is Wade Bare Road

  • Continue on Wade Bare Road to the stop
    sign and take a right. This is old 16N

  • Follow this road for 3 miles. You will see an
    old country store Blevins Sub Shop on the

  • One hundred (100) yards farther, take a left
    onto the North Fork New River Road. There is
    a wood and rock horse barn at this turn.

  • Continue across river bridge and take a right

  • Follow alongside the river past Bent River

  • Go up the mountain, then down the
    mountain into a hairpin curve to the right

  • Take a right 100 yards farther onto Mouth of
    Silas Creek Road. A small A-frame house sits
    at this turn.

  • Follow the gravel road 1.6 miles to the two-
    story cabin on the right. 1740 there is elk
    antlers over door (Lock box on right side of
    door) in the "Preserve On the New River"

  • ENJOY!