Short-Term Licenses
State Fishing-Basic
1 Day $5.00 $10.00
3 Days ----- $15.00

Annual License
Valid 12 months from date of purchase
County $10.00 -----
State-wide $15.00 $30.00
Sportsman $40.00 -----
Comprehensive Fishing, Trout, & Game Lands $20.00 -----

To obtain a fishing license by telephone using Master Card or Visa call 1.800.2HUNTFISH
(1.800.248.6834). For more information go online at NC Wildlife.

Local Fishing License Agents

WalMart Supercenter
1149 Mt. Jefferson Rd
West Jefferson

WJ Hardware
Main Street
West Jefferson

Nathans Creek General Store
Hwy 221N

Exceptions to Licenses
Persons under age 16 are exempt
A landowner, his/her spouse & dependents under 18 may hunt, trap & fish on their land without a
A fishing license is not required to fish in a private pond
A resident may fish within his county with natural bait without a license
Please consult the North Carolina Fishing, Hunting, & Trapping Regulations Digest for complete
information on exceptions. To obtain a copy of the NC Inland Fishing, Hunting, & Trapping
Regulations Digest call the NC Wildlife Resources Commission at 919.662.4377.

Good Smallmouth Bass Fishing Waters
221 Access to Rivercamp USA
Twin Rivers Campground to Mouth of Wilson, VA
Daniels Daughter (Hwy 163) to Elk Shoals Methodist Church
Boggs Bridge to Hwy 88 Bridge
Wagoner Access to Gentry Bridge

Lures for Bass
Best in Fall
Rapala Minnows-small, natural � and 1/8 ounce, less than 3�"
Rapala Brokenback Minnow-small dainty, natural not over 2�
Rebel Crayfish-small and medium

Best in Spring
Beetle Spins-grub type lure
Meppes Spinners
Little Lucy's-worm type
Four inch rubber worms-lizard or salamander type
The best live baits for smallmouth bass are live minnows, crayfish, salamanders, & nightcrawlers

Local Places to Buy Nightcrawlers
New River Outfitters
Hwy 221
Rivercamp USA
Kings Creek Road
Piney Creek
Nathan's Creek General Store
Hwy 221N

Trout Lures
Wooly Boogers
Topwater Popping Bug
Bullet shaped Popping Bugs (tapered nose)
Use 10-12 hook size, 12 for popping bugs

                       Hatchery Supported Trout Waters
Ashe County
Beaver Creek (entire creek--8 miles)
Big Horse Creek (SR 1361 Bridge to Tuckerdale--6 miles)
Big Laurel Creek (entire creek--9 miles)
Buffalo Creek (Headwaters to Junction of NC 194-88 & SR 1131--6 miles)
Cranberry Creek (Alleghany Co. line to South Fork New River--12 miles)
Helton Creek (Valine to the New River--11 miles)
Hoskins Fork (Watauga County line to North Fork New River--2 miles)
Mill Creek (except as posted--3 miles)
Nathans Creek (entire creek--4 miles)
North Fork New River (Watauga line to Sharp's Dam)
Old Fields Creek (entire creek--6 miles)
Peak Creek (headwaters to Trout Lake except Blue Ridge Parkway waters--5 miles)
Pine Swamp Creek (all forks--4 miles)
Roan Creek (entire creek--4 miles)
South Beaver Creek (Headwaters to Ashe Lake--4 miles)
Three Top Creek (except game lands--10 miles)

Alleghany County
Prather Creek
Cranberry Creek
Piney Fork

                            Special Regulated Trout Waters

Ashe County
Special Regulated Trout Waters and their tributaries, except as noted, may be fished only with
artificial lures having one single hook and all fish must be released. No fish may be harvested or
possessed while fishing these streams. These streams are marked with purple and gold signs.

Big Horse Creek (Virginia state line to SR 1361 bridge, excluding tributaries--2 miles)
Three Top Creek (game land portion--2 miles)

                               Public Mountain Trout Waters

Ashe County
All designated trout waters are classified as Wild Trout Waters unless otherwise classified. Wild
Trout Waters are high quality waters which sustain trout populations by natural reproduction. Public
mountain trout waters are managed by the Wildlife Commission.
Three Top Mountain Game Land

                            Delayed Harvest Trout Waters

Ashe County
The following trout waters may be fished only with artificial lures with one single hook, no natural
bait may be possessed and no fish may be harvested or possesed while fishing these waters
between October 1st and June 5th. These waters are marked with black and white signs.
Helton Creek (Virginia state line to New River)
Trout Lake

Daily Creel Limits
Smallmouth Bass 12 inch 5
Muskellunge 30 inch 2
Hatchery Supported Trout
July-Feb None 7
Wild Trout Waters
Year Round 7 inch 4
Special Regulated Trout Waters
Wild Trout/Natural Bait 7 inch 4

For smallmouth bass 2 fish in the creel may be less than the minimum size.
Wild Trout Waters: artificial lure having one single hook
Wild Trout/Natural bait: artificial lures having one single hook or natural baits with one single hook.
No live fish as bait.

New River State Park
PO Box 48
Jefferson, North Carolina